It’s your big day – Let’s make it even more special!

We’ve helped hundreds of couples find the perfect moments in their wedding day for our acoustic sets.

Our most popular wedding performances & our wedding FAQs can be found below…

THE WEDDING BREAKFAST PERFORMANCE Turning dinner into a party!


Turning dinner into a party!

The Travelling Hands, Wedding Performance, Photography by Damian Milan

The wedding breakfast is by far the most popular time of day for our performances. Here, we enter a room performing and interacting with each table or group of guests as they enjoy their meal with you. Dinner should be exciting and we can help turn it into a party during your big day! We’ll perform songs that your guests will love to sing along to creating raucous spontaneous fun for everyone whilst taking your guests by surprise. Indoor or outdoor dining?…no problem – our setup allows us to be flexible & move anywhere.

Eat, drink, laugh, sing, and smile – what could be better!

Photography by Damian Milan

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THE COCKTAIL HOUR Spicing up afternoon drinks


Spicing up afternoon drinks

And so you’re married! You’ve said your “I do’s”. Your friends and family are cheering. The waiting staff are on standby with champagne flutes and canapés. Your photographer is capturing these special moments. You can’t stop smiling (and you’re possibly also eyeing up that first glass of bubbly).

Time for a musical accompaniment? We think so too.

This time of day is very relaxed and full of smiles (and confetti). It’s a perfect time for some acoustic music as guests catch up with one another and enjoy a drink or two. Our strolling sets enable us to move to different groups of guests indoors or outdoors and provide some musical fun at this early stage of your big day. The build up to your wedding breakfast has begun and our sets at this time can bring a lovely ambience during these first few hours for the newly-wed couple.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more energy…then we’ve most definitely got you covered…read below to find out about the performance that we are best known for by clients and wedding planners worldwide…it’s our performances during the wedding breakfast itself!

All photography above by Brett Harkness

THE EVENING RECEPTION Let’s finish with a bang!


Let’s finish with a bang!

We’ve performed at many evening wedding receptions over the years. Our performances at this time of day come as two main options:

    • Our classic unplugged roaming sets – perfect for weddings where your guests are likely to be spread across lots of areas at your venue, or for smaller spaces where your guests are all together (like our video above). Here we can move with our instruments to reach your guests inside and out.
    • Dance-floor entertainment – Our roaming sets are typically performed before you hit the dance-floor. However, if you’d like The Travelling Hands to perform amplified and entertain your guests whilst they dance the night away, then feel free to give us a call & we’ll run through the options for you.

THE NEXT DAY Brunching just got a serious upgrade!


Brunching just got a serious upgrade!

Do you have a special lunch planned for the day after your wedding? Perhaps it’s just for the wedding party, perhaps it’s for everyone! Our acoustic setup perfectly suits this time in your first full day as a married couple. This can be in addition to performing on your wedding day, or just as a standalone performance. Give your guests one last surprise and make even more amazing memories whilst your families & close friends are still together for your wedding celebration.

Continue the party…why not?

December Sunset with The Travelling Hands, British Roaming Acoustic Band, London

THE MASHUP Mix & choose performances when they suit you best!


Mix & choose performances when they suit you best!

How about some relaxed music during the cocktail hour and a performance during the wedding breakfast, or an evening performance followed by some sets over lunch the next day? Not a problem. We can split our performances over different parts of your wedding celebration and we’re always happy to look at bespoke options too. Having performed at several hundred weddings over almost 10 years as a group, we have a pretty good idea of when our sets work best & we can’t wait to help you with your wedding too.

The Travelling Hands, Acoustic Roaming Band, London

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The big questions…It’s our wedding FAQs

The big questions

It’s our wedding FAQs

What is the best time for The Travelling Hands to perform at our wedding?

Every wedding is unique and this is a personal choice for each couple depending on the structure of their day. We’d recommend looking through the suggestions above or popping us an email. Our favourite time has to be the wedding breakfast. Drinks are flowing, guests have relaxed into the day, and our roaming performances transforms dinner time into a party as we move through the tables! It’s also incredibly fun to play at this time too.

How much does it cost to book The Travelling Hands?

Fees are dependent on date, location, timings, and of course band size too. This will help determine which musicians you require, the travel involved and of course the performance times required at your event too. Providing us with as much information as possible will help us put your quote together.

Is this the best place to book The Travelling Hands directly?

Yes indeed it is! You might find us represented online by a number of third party websites etc. However, this is the only place to speak with the very founders of the band directly; and where you can be sure to get the best price too.

Are there always 5 musicians in the band?

The 5 piece band is the full and most common band size giving the full sound of The Travelling Hands, and the unplugged roaming sets the band provide work brilliantly at events big and small. The Travelling Hands can also upsize to a 6 piece band with the addition of an extra guitarist/vocalist. It’s also possible to downsize to a quartet and occasionally even to an acoustic trio.

How long do The Travelling Hands play for?

As standard The Travelling Hands perform 2×45 minute unplugged strolling sets. If you’re looking for something different time wise, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

How far will the band travel?

The Travelling Hands are based in London but are available worldwide. They regularly perform across the UK and overseas (they’ve travelled as far away as Bali) – so if your venue is many miles away don’t worry –  we’d love to hear from you.

How long does it take The Travelling Hands to setup?

The band’s performance style creates a setup of ease and simplicity. All they need to do is unpack their instruments, tune up and get their tweed on! The Travelling Hands arrive approximately 45 minutes before they are due to play as standard.

Are outdoor performances a possibility?

Absolutely. As long as the band not getting wet then an outdoor performance is a great choice and they can often be found performing in outdoor areas from boats, rooftops & terraces to private gardens and country estates across the UK and overseas.

Can The Travelling Hands work with a sound limiter?

Yes – no problem. The unplugged roaming performances eliminate the problems some venues face with noise complaints so you’re in safe hands (pardon the pun).

Can I see The Travelling Hands live before I book?

99% of our events are private, and this means we can’t invite guests of our own. However – we do have an entire range of live event videos and live recordings of the band within our videos section of this website, and on our youtube page too (click through to our video page to see the band in action).

Do The Travelling Hands take live requests?

Yes they do! If the band know the song that a guest requests, then they will be happy to use their musicianship and skill to perform as much as they can as they move around your event – bringing that extra slice of personalised fun whenever they can for your guests.