Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Relating to websites including but not limited to www.thetravellinghands.com and www.backbeatentertainment.com

LATEST UPDATE – 25th October 2018

1. Payment:

The full booking fee payment is required via online transfer at least 14 days prior to your event date. The invoice will be sent to The Client after the booking contract has been signed by all required parties. Please note, failure to pay the invoice by the stated deadline will mean The Artist will not be required to attend your event. In this instance, full payment will still be owed by The Client. Any late payment (for example on the day of the event) does not guarantee The Artist’s arrival for your event. For any contract’s signed by all parties with less than 14 days prior to the event date, payments must still be made in full prior to the event with payments deadlines set by The Artist. Failure to meet these deadlines will mean The Artist will not be required to attend your event, but the full booking fee will still be owed. If The Client fails to make payment on time, The Artist reserves the right to cancel the booking. This will be treated as a cancellation by The Client and The Client will have to pay the cancellation charges detailed below in Clause 2 headed “Deposit & Cancellation”.

2. Deposit & Cancellation:

Deposit and cancellation payments will apply as detailed in The Client’s booking contract.

3. Catering:

The Client agrees to pay for catering costs for the Artist on the performance date during their time at the venue as agreed in their booking contract.

4a. Venue:

The Client must ensure that the venue for the performance has adequate heating, lighting and ventilation and complies with all health and safety, licensing and public entertainment legislation and that all necessary licenses are held or obtained

5. P.A Requirements

No P.A System is required if the Artist is performing unplugged roaming sets or as a ‘walk-around’ band (and no electrical sockets are required). For performances where a P.A system is required, it is understood that the Artist will require a minimum of 4 separate power sockets available at the performance area (not a 4 way extension cable running off one socket), and a performance area no smaller than 5 metres by 4 metres. A raised stage area is advised to be arranged for all bookings for 4 or more band members if unavailable at the venue for P.A performances. For all duo or trio performances with P.A system, an armless bar stool for each band member (excluding percussionist) is required.

6. Sound Limiters:

If your venue has a sound limiter or any sound restrictions, the client must inform the Artist immediately before signing your booking contract to ensure the performance is possible.

7a. Outdoor Performances with PA System:

For any performances outdoors with PA system, the Artist will require suitable cover at all times to keep all equipment completely dry and safe from any form of potentially dangerous weather (including but not limited to wind, rain, hail, snow, lightening etc). Protection must also be provided to cover any extension leads that may be needed to reach a power supply. Where extension leads are used in this instance, the whole system should not be powered from one wall socket only (with a 4 way extension lead for example). Please contact The Artist for clarification prior to your booking if this affects the desired performance. It will be the Artist’s decision to cease any performance outdoors due to bad weather affecting their own safety or the safety of their equipment. If time permits, the Artist will pack-down their equipment, and then relocate to a nearby indoor location to finish the performance, but play no later than the originally scheduled finish time. Power sockets no more than 5 metres away from the outdoor performance location must be available to the Artist. If bad weather either stops a performance from happening at all, or reduces performance time, this will have no bearing upon the fees owed to The Artist.

7b. Outdoor Performances without PA system:

For any unplugged roaming sets outdoors, the Artist will not require overhead cover if it is not raining or considered dangerous to The Artist or their equipment to perform (the decision to stop an outdoor performance early lies entirely with The Artist). As per PA Performances, if the performance needs to stop but time permits, the Artist will pack-down their equipment, and then relocate to a nearby indoor location to finish the performance, but play no later than the originally scheduled finish time. This will have no affect upon the payment owed to The Artists.

8. Green Room:

The Artist must have a comfortable private Green Room with chairs and at least 4 power points, to use to store empty cases, and within which they can change and comfortably stay during their breaks / meal time etc. The Artist will need to warm up on their musical instruments in this room and it is understood they may make some sound here at any time during their time on site plus on their way to the performance room. If you’d rather the band don’t make too much noise close to the performance area, then it is suggested that this room is not too close to the performance area. Ideally this room will have a clothes rail from which the Artist can hang their suits plus an iron and ironing board. If this is not possible, please inform The Artist prior to signing this contract.

9. Musicians:

As per our promotional material, The Travelling Hands operate as a collective of musicians. The Client agrees that the specific musicians who attend any event may be different from those seen in promotional material. The Artist agrees that any substitute members provided will be of the same quality and will follow the same setlist and dresscode as expected. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Instrumentation within a lineup may alter from what is expected but must be kept to instruments used by The Travelling Hands (for example in a 3 piece line up, if a guitarist becomes unwell, they may be replaced by a saxophonist). This will have no impact upon the booking fee owed or any other term within this contract.

10. Car Parking:

The Client agrees to provide secure car parking for all Artist’s vehicle(s) at the venue, to cover any costs of parking at the venue, and if applicable to cover the costs of the London congestion charge, toll roads, bridges, ferries or tunnels that are deemed necessary by any musicians or team members required on their journey to and from the venue. These costs will be invoiced for after the event. If there is no parking at the venue, this should be highlighted to The Artists prior to signing this contract. In this situation, parking costs off site will be invoiced for after the event. The Artist may choose to take / not take parking suggestions depending on suitability, security and location. If additional travel is required between the parking location and the venue (for example taxis), then these costs shall also be billed to The Client. Payment of invoices sent after the event regarding parking or otherwise will be due within 7 days of submission to avoid late payment interest being added.

11a. Performance Area:

For performances requiring a PA system, unless pre-arranged or with permission at the event itself, no guests will be allowed within the performance area at any point during the event or in contact with any of The Artist’s equipment. This is to protect all parties from any injury, to prevent damage to any equipment and to ensure a smooth performance. All venue staff and events team personnel will need to be breached on this by the client, and they must request that any guests should leave the performance area should they enter it. For any performance type, should the negligence of any persons present (other than The Artist) result in any damage or loss of any equipment or belongings of any musician or person working with The Artist, the costs to repair or replace this item (or items), plus an administration fee will be billed to The Client as a result.

11b. Disturbances:

If The Artist is unreasonably disturbed at their time on site including due to any individual (or individuals) behaving inappropriately such as throwing of missiles, continual abuse or failure of The Client’s technical provisions (eg failure of P.A system or failure of staging for example), then The Artist may terminate their performance immediately with no effect on the booking fee owed.

12. Timings:

If you wish for any timings to change from what is stated in your booking contract, then charges may apply. An increase in the overall performance length requested on the performance date will be charged at pro-rata rate in relation to the originally booked performance length and cost. However, The Artist will not be obliged to perform for longer than is stated on this contract should they not wish to do so. If you should wish for a consultation, or site visit prior to your event, then please email us to discuss availability, applicable pricing and further information regarding this.

13. Dresscode. As standard The Artists will wear suits from their current range. The colour of all items of clothing worn will depend upon what is available to the Artist at the time of your booking. Should the Artist become too hot at any event, they will perform without suit jackets. Should The Client wish for the band to wear any additional specific items of clothing and it is possible for these items to be ordered in time for the event (at the discretion of The Artist); the full cost of these items (and any delivery charges) will be invoiced to the The Client from The Artist / Backbeat Entertainment Limited.

14. Overseas performances:

For overseas performances, the additional costs required will be stated within your contract.

15. Live Sound:

It is understood that all music audible at a venue not by the Artist (whether a venue operated music playlist, a hired DJ or otherwise) must be turned off completely during all Artist performances. The Artist won’t be expected to perform until this music is turned off. It is the Client’s responsibility to make all necessary parties aware of the need to turn music off to avoid any performances being delayed and / or shortened because of such delays.

16. Song Choice:

The Artist will use their expertise to select the best songs for your event and will perform songs from a range of different decades at every event. For specific song choice information, please refer to your booking contract.

17. Finish Time:

The Artist will not be expected to perform beyond the latest finish time regardless of the event running late.

18. Force Majeure:

The Artist is not liable for failure to perform the Client’s obligations if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute or strike.

19. Clauses:

If any clause within this contract is legally proven to be unenforceable, this will have no effect on any other clause, and the remainder of this contract will still form the agreement between The Client and Backbeat Entertainment Limited.

20. Legal Action:

If for any reason legal action is taken against Backbeat Entertainment Limited, then Backbeat Entertainment Limited will have a total maximum liability of no more than the booking fee for the event date in question. In the event of a dispute or complaint from either The Client, any issue must be sent in writing within 48 hours.

21. Personal Information:

For a successful booking, it is understood that The Client’s personal information may need to be passed to other parties (eg the sharing of emergency contact numbers to our musicians or other parties in relation to your booking). Our full Privacy Notice is available on our website (www.thetravellinghands.com/privacy-notice). By signing our booking agreement, The Client also agrees to this in full. Any private information received by the Client (including but not limited to personal phone numbers, names, car registration details, passport information (including scans and photos) or otherwise) must be kept strictly confidential not passed to any other party other than where strictly required in relation solely to this booking (such as passport information to an airline company).

22. Clause headings in these Terms and Conditions are present for convenience only and shall have no effect on the constructions of the booking agreement.

23. Our agreements shall be construed and governed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England and the courts of England shall be the courts of Jurisdiction if required.

24. The terms above are for general guidance only. The superseding agreement will be the booking agreement provided for your event from Backbeat Entertainment Limited.