Whether you’re hosting a wedding breakfast, a birthday meal, or a gala dinner, it’s common for entertainment during this time to be fairly minimal, soft and to match one of our least favourite words – ‘background’. Something very light such as a venue playlist; maybe gentle classical music or even the sounds of an acoustic duo to softly accompany the meal can be common choices.

Well, when The Travelling Hands perform at dinner time we like to break the traditions and break the rules. Dinners are the times when guests can relax, get to know those better who are sitting nearby to them, and enjoy a drink or two.

With everyone seated in one place, it’s the perfect time to provide your guests with some roaming entertainment to get everyone fired up and ready to party for whatever you have in store for them when they enter the next stage of your event.

Photography by Damien Milan - www.damienmilan.com

Photography by Damien Milan - www.damienmilan.com

Photography by Damien Milan

This is where we come in. Playing feel-good music but completely unplugged can create singing, laughter and good times across your tables without overpowering the room or stopping your guests from being able to hear one another. With the ability to move with our instruments as we perform, we will play to different tables or groups of guests as we do so, using our experience to pick songs that we feel will suit each table the best (and often there will be quite a few tables singing along together).

We’ve seen brides standing on chairs (as well as the band), entire rooms singing in unison, and grandparents who just have to get up and dance. Bring your guests something exciting during their meal. Our feel-good unplugged roaming performances work WITH your guests to delivery energetic fun packed sets to excite, captivate and delight as they tuck into the culinary delights you’ve provided for them.

Photography by Damien Milan - www.damienmilan.com

Photography by Damien Milan.

Our British styled suits from Marc Darcy deliver a fun talking point every time we enter a room. At this moment, our goal is simple – to make sure your guests are smiling, enjoying themselves and breaking the rules themselves by singing during their dinner.

Don’t think of dinner as a time out – it’s the perfect moment when your guests can enjoy themselves, their food, and some live music too. All of the guests that you’ve invited are in one place seated together, and your time with them in this space is limited, so let’s provide them with something different, bring energy into the room and most importantly – let’s have some fun!

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